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Surfacing is
THE alternative to regular finishing

With the "Super Surfacer" smoothing machine, one achieves a surface quality that no sanding system equal. Normal and difficult woods will shimmer as you have never seen them before. Additionally, the surfaces will shine in a way that they look like they have already been treated.

Because the wood fibers are perfectly cut (not pressed and abraded), they become naturally water and dirt repellent which results in a natural wood protection. Due to this quality, finishing with varnishes becomes largely unnecessary lending a more healthy and environmentally friend y living space. If the surfaced wood must be treated with a (Hydro) -varnish, oil or wax, the usual sanding between coats is not necessary because through "Surfacing", contrary to sanding, the wood fibers are cut ff by the knifes and will not "roughen" upon application of the finish. By omitting this sanding step, a large amount of time is saved.

If, in case, the wood becomes soiled or if staining is necessary, lightly sanding of the surface with 240 (or finer) sandpaper is required. This subtly sanded surface should again meet the same standards as the surfaced wood, so only little differences will be seen. Surfacing is especially suitable for wall and ceiling paneling, massive cabinetry, wood construction, visible beams, window construction, floors, organ building, etc. Small, difficult to sand, strips are a breeze with the "Super Surfacer"!

  • Optimal surface quality
  • A time reduction of 30 to 50% compared to traditional sanding
  • Best adherence of varnish or wax
    (tested by the German Institute for Wood Research in Brunswick)
  • High precision
  • High through-feed rate
  • Quick changing and adjusting of the knife blades
  • Nearly free of dust
  • Small space required (mobile type on request)
  • Very quiet, thus employee- and environment- friendly!

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